Kylie Ahern is an award-winning science publisher and launched COSMOS Magazine, an Australian science magazine. She is also the CEO of STEM Matters, publisher and Editor in Chief of The Brilliant, and Board member of the Australian Center of Robotic Vision

She launched The Brilliant to showcase our global leaders in STEM communication and engagement. These people however do not follow the traditional public relations handbook. 

Universities perform science and research yet have a difficult time communicating this to the world. She emphasizes every university should have a publishing strategy to support the current science and research as 99% of STEM organizations continue to PR compared to building an audience. 

Kylie recommends Lumen5 Video Maker which will turn your content into a visually engaging explainer and attract your target audience. 

Pro tip to improve your science communication: 

  • What is your business objective? 
  • Who is your audience? 
  • What do they need to know?


56:09 “Challenge in the next year for one of you to have really cracked this and be a destination point around physical therapy.” – Kylie Ahern