Joe Reinke is the CEO and founder of Fitbux which helps professionals, like physical therapists, strategize, conquer and ultimately save money on their student loan repayment. 

Justin Berry is a physical therapist who recently wrote a research report in JOPTE called “a national survey of accrued student loan debt by doctor of physical therapy students.”

Mike Makher is a physical therapist who has an interest in finance after receiving his BS in Economics and finding it essential to study the banking and financial industries. 

Joe discusses President Biden’s executive order to extend the payment pause and 0% interest on federal student loans. This means that direct loan borrowers do not have to make a loan payment and interest will not be accrued until September 2021.

Through Justin’s survey, he found shocking statistics to the student loan borrower:

  • The average student loan debt at time of graduation was around $103,000 (public) and over $138,000 (private)
  • 75% of student loan participants would not meet a 10 year repayment guideline
  • 21% of participants would not meet 25 year fixed or graduated repayment guidelines 

As a physical therapist with a background in finance, Mike got tactical into what students and therapists should know about their student loans, strategies to pay down their loans, and minimize their student loan debt. 


49:10 “Don’t refinance. Try to save your money. Be smart. Be careful.” – Mike Makher