To begin APTA’s Centennial Year, APTA will open a new headquarters, the APTA Centennial Center. Watch live on Facebook on January 15 for APTA’s Centennial Cutting Ribbon Ceremony.

Tracie Harris is the marketing director at APTA who worked with Fitwel to create a healthier work environment. Joanna Frank is the President & CEO for the Center of Active Design who is the operator of the Fitwel building certification. 

Fitwel was created by the CDC to provide building certifications to support healthier workplace environments to help improve occupant health and productivity. The Fitwel team assesses projects against seven health impact categories.

This call to action to create a healthier work environment allows APTA to directly tie to their mission and vision – APTA mission “improving the health of society” and vision “to optimize movement.” 

What are fun facts behind a healthy environment? 

  • If you see the stair, you’re actually 50% more likely to take the stair just because you see it.
  • 6 flights of stairs a day is enough to offset the average annual weight gain of an American. 


39:44 “Stop by 3030 Potomac Avenue, the APTA Centennial Center.” – Tracie Harris

40:13 “Your physical environment has as much impact on your health as your genetic code” – Joanna Frank