Jaime Mor is a performance physical therapist and certified athletic trainer at EXOS with a passion for movement and body mind connection. He has been in the sports medicine field for 7 years.

Jaime defines a performance physical therapist as treating and preparing the elite athlete to their peak optimal level.

Each year, Jaime works with the athletes that participate in the NFL Combine – a weeklong competition of prospects to be drafted to the NFL. As a PT, he prepares the athletes 8 weeks ahead by either treating impairments or improving the performance of tasks required.

He recommends a PT, PTA, or student interested in this field to have a performance clinical rotation and reach out to professionals to gain experience and learn about performance.


“Don’t be uncomfortable making random connections.” – JAIME

“Find out the people you want to learn from and learn from them.” – JAIME


“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Reach out to people and find your own mentors. Find people you wish to learn from. From a clinical side, don’t neglect the basics. ” – JAIME