Social Justice Lessons from Roger Williams by Dr. Lisa VanHoose

Keynote Presentation at the Northeast Regional Virtual Annual Conference 

Michelle Collie is CEO of Performance Physical Therapy and APTA President of Rhode Island introduces keynote speaker Lisa VanHoose. During the conference, Michelle will be speaking on the “Telehealth Panel: The Role of Telehealth in the Future of Our Profession.”

Lisa VanHoose is an Associate Professor and Program Director in the Physical Therapy Department at the University of Louisiana Monroe. She speaks on “Social Injustice Lessons We Learn from Roger Williams.” 

She focuses on the “Five Principles of Social Injustice” by Roger Williams

  • Access
  • Equity
  • Diversity 
  • Participation
  • Human Rights 

Mic Drop

“If you know better, do better.” – Lisa VanHoose