How To Deliver High-Quality Info On Social Media As A PT

Dance Background

Danny dedicated his early career to professional dancing, competing internationally, and became the 5th top international professional ballroom dancer in the world.

From teaching ballroom dancing at the age of 15, Danny found PT as a way to help people with movement and build a relationship and connection with others. 

Clinical Practice

Before COVID, he opened his practice Project Physical Therapy. He is currently treating 60/40 in person and telehealth but shifted to 100% telehealth in the beginning of the pandemic to treat his patients and reach a larger population. 

Danny creates social media content crossing both dancing and physical therapy to spread fun, engaging, and applicable insight to his audience. Follow him now on Instagram at @OfficalDannyShapiro. 

When it comes to money and insurance in physical therapy, he emphasizes that PT’s should connect with their patients to consistently provide high quality of care despite the time length of treatment. If the care given makes a difference to a patient, the money will follow. 

Danny’s drink for show – the boozie tea mixed with earl grey tea, oat milk, disaronno liqueur. 

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“If you’re a PT and listening to this, don’t shy away from digital therapy. There is so much you can do that does not require your hands.” – DANNY 

“Not only be real with your audience… but also be real with your patients. The way I am on social media is 100 fold the way I am with my patients.” – DANNY  

Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Parting Shot

“If you are a healthcare provider, please work on being yourself. Work on being the real self to your patients… Your patients crave your support so give it to them.” – DANNY