Colin Carr is CEO of CARR which is the nation’s leading provider of healthcare real estate for healthcare professionals. 

Colin started out in traditional and commercial real estate deals and found himself working with healthcare providers on their negotiations. Discovering what they knew and how he could help, he shifted to predominantly working with this population representing the doctor. 

The biggest misunderstanding in commercial real estate is healthcare providers believing they will save money if they do not hire an agent but they are the buyer or tenant that does not pay commission. Landlords and sellers pay commission. 

There is a term ‘posture’ in real estate meaning as the buyer, you are serious about getting the best terms possible. Posture is creating options for yourself by hiring an agent that will represent your interests. This does not include working by yourself or under the landlord or listing agent.

Colin recommends health care providers to find a commercial real estate agent who understands the healthcare industry and has no conflicts of interest. The #1 transaction doctors get taken advantage of are lease renewal negotiations. 

Let healthcare real estate agents help you in your next negotiation. Check out CARR. 

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“Hire professionals that are better than you in every possible area.” –

Colin Carr