What Makes A Great PT School Applicant?

Skye Donovan, Lori Bordenave and Chris Petrosino are physical therapists and have extensive experience in the PT admissions process as program chairs of three different PT programs across the country – Marymount University, A.T. Still University and Sacred Heart University

The panel agrees a great PT applicant is someone who is strong academically, has grit, can persevere, is passionate, caring, compassionate and ready to change gears. 

Applicants are highly encouraged to do their research when selecting a school. Each school has their own pre-requisites, separate applications aside from PTCAS, and interviews for admissions. 

When it comes to the interview process whether it is an individual, group or video interview, the guests discuss that they look for strong communication skills and professionalism in the potential PT student. Listen to the stories these three share about their worst PT interview experiences (start 25:20). 

The behavior guide of PTs and PTAs are the APTA Core Values. To understand how to behave and treat in this profession, these core values can guide how to come off on an application or personal statement. 


15:11 One of the ways that you know you have everything on that application that is pertinent is to find somebody who knows you, loves you, and wants you to go to PT school.” – LORI 


1:04:32 “Everybody has a story. Know your story. Tell your story. I think that will make you genuine and really get you further by telling that story.” – LORI

1:05:02 “Optimize your talents. You have a lot of talents to bring to the table.” – CHRIS 

1:05:51 “Don’t let fear paralyze you. Don’t be afraid of showing your true self. Try not to let fear overcome your ability to shine.” – SKYE 

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