Alan Lee, Chris Peterson, Trevor Russell, and Mike Billings are all physical therapists, educators, experts, and advocates of telehealth in physical therapy and healthcare. 

Alan describes early telemedicine was used mainly with cardiopulmonary conditions as the technology was not readily available. Telehealth has drastically increased due to COVID and the improvement in technology. 

Chris finds telehealth as highly valuable in physical therapy as other businesses shift to an online platform. He sees telehealth being utilized in a hybrid model in the future with PTs/PTAs understanding what patient is fit for telehealth. 

Trevor notes there is a substantial amount of research available but the evidence is not continuously translated into practice. He recommends focusing on what is similar between treating in person and using technology then converting those similarities using technology to meet treatment objectives. 

In the future, Mike believes telehealth is here to stay but is leveling off compared to the start of COVID. Some other predictions were modifying the title telehealth to digital health, change in reimbursement rate, creating hybrid models, implementing interstate compacts, and adding telehealth in physical therapy programs.  

For more information on telehealth in practice, look to the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Telemedicine Association


49:42 “Everyone have patience.” – ALAN 

50:43 “Don’t always assume the original way you learned something is the only way to do something.” – CHRIS 

51:12 “Do not be afraid of this [telehealth]. Embrace the similares but prepare for the differences.” – TREVOR 

51:54 “I do hope care is taken to ensure that telerehab is used  to confront rather than exacerbate any health care on affordability and inequity that we have in the US.” – MIKE