Kacey Kline is a physical therapist assistant working in an outpatient clinic associated with Midwestern University’s DPT Program in Arizona. She continually works towards advocacy and inclusion of PTA’s in the profession.

Kacey thinks bringing a PTA in from the start of a patient’s plan of care is the best way to build rapport, consistency, and proper expectations for treatment. Between the PT and PTA, creating open lines of communication diminishes microaggressions towards PTAs.

She believes involving PTAs on physical therapy websites and organizations without being separated from PTs would expand PTAs inclusion in the physical therapy community.


5:52 “If you have any idea that your PTA is going to be part of the therapeutic team, they have to be a part of the conversation.” – KACEY


38:45 “Basic patient care, basic good practice is just open lines of communication between your colleagues.” – KACEY