The Truth In Sexual Health Physical Therapy

Jocelyn Connolly is a pelvic floor physical therapy in Arizona and building her own online coaching business called The Vagina Doc Physical Therapy & Wellness

Jocelyn emphasizes why physical therapists should be screening for sexual health. She educates her patients on four facets of health – physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual to link pieces together contributing to a patient’s problem and overall health.

In her business, she created a model for patients to actively participate in their care while providing thorough patient care and education. At initial visits, she supplies a journal for her patients to assess their own progress and rate priorities of their pelvic health.


27:39 “One thing that people need to understand is they have to be emotionally ready to experience not only not only wins or steps forward, but the steps backwards.” – JOCELYN


39:44 “Don’t be afraid to learn about your own pelvic health. Do your own self exploration.” – JOCELYN