What You Need To Know In Oncology PT – Part 3

Kelly Reed, Paula Stout, and Aubrene Fiore are all physical therapists passionate about all thing’s oncology rehab each certified and specialized in fields of oncologic PT, lymphedema, pelvic health, and wounds.

Kelly dives into breast and gynecologic cancer rehab treatment and the symptoms associated with these cancers. Lymphedema is highly associated with these cancers and treated using complete decongestive therapy by PT’s. Check out Kelly’s Instagram and Youtube channel the Cancer Rehab PT.

Paula emphasizes the importance of patient education about cancer related fatigue, lymphedema, side effects of treatment, and energy conservation. Exercise is the #1 treatment for cancer related fatigue.  

Physical therapists should be on the surveillance team by working with this patient population from the beginning and at an ongoing basis throughout treatment.

Aubrene educates us how wounds are multifactorial when treating cancer and lymphedema patients. It is important to look at considerations such as co-morbidities, multiple surgeries, nutrition, body mass, and cancer related effects.

If you are interested in oncology physical therapy, check out the Academy of Oncology Physical Therapy.


“These symptoms, these side effects that these individuals, these patients are going through, they are common but they are not normal and they should not have to live with these long term. – KELLY

“In terms of wounds, my favorite product is a silver silicone wound dressing that you can get over the counter.” – AUBRENE

“Physical therapy should be part of the cancer care continuum.” – PAULA