Kyle Covington, Gus Martinez, Lynn DiPirro, and Clarence Holmes are all highly involved in the APTA here to talk about their “why” to attend APTA National Student Conclave.

As of today, this virtual NSC is the highest recorded for registration with over 1,800 students. All students registered for NSC will have a 50% off registration at APTA CSM which will be held virtually.

The panel agrees that NSC is an opportunity to show students other areas of physical therapy that students may not be exposed to in the classroom or clinic.

Student Assembly Board of Directors voting ends November 7th. Cast your vote today! All student members are eligible to vote in this election. There is a meet and greet with the candidates live at 12pm ET on November 7th.

NSC is a great first step for students to dive into the national level created by students for students. All students who attend NSC are leaders.


“Find your path, get involved. Make the profession better. Make us more accessible to our patients in some way.” – CLARENCE

“You have a voice. Get involved and have a voice in your profession and in your clinic but in the APTA and in your community.” – KYLE

“Get involved early because those connections that you make super early make getting involved as a new grad or later on in your career an easy phone call away.” – LYNN

“These conferences these networking opportunities are a way for us to learn about our tribe, our community and share ideas that we may have never been exposed to through school.” – GUS