Multiple Expert Perspectives on a Post Covid-19 World

Welcome to the 2020 Malek School of Health Professions Lecture from Marymount University. Tonight our topic is: “When the Pandemic Wanes: Perspectives on a Post Covid World”

We will address this topic with the help of four esteemed experts from Marymount University. 

They are leaders in the areas of:
Business and Innovation, Health Care and Journalism and Mass Communication. 

The format tonight is organized with the audience in mind. 

We will introduce each panelist individually, and let them speak about how they see their areas of expertise being affected by the current global pandemic.

Once each panelist has had an opportunity to give their amazing insight, we will bring them all back on screen for you to be able to see how these areas are interconnected.


Ken Harwood 

is currently the Dean and Professor at the Malek School of Health Professions, is a licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Industrial Ergonomist.  

He has published and presented nationally and internationally on a number of topics including health care policy and leadership, health care safety, and quality and low back pain.

Jonathan Aberman 

is a nationally recognized expert on innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development. Over his career, he has helped to start 20 technology companies, and has advised many national and state political leaders. He is currently the Dean of Marymount’s School of Business & Technology. He writes a regular “Amplified” column for the Washington Business Journal.

Dr. Ginny Bianco-Mathis 

is an author, consultant, and professor in the area of organizational change and leadership. 

She is a sought after presenter for her recent book, Everyday Coaching and leader and fellow podcast host in the area of remote teams–how to develop culture beyond the four walls of corporate America.

Dr. Kimberly Meltzer 

teaches and conducts research about journalism and technology, and political communication.  Prior to her academic career, Dr. Meltzer worked for news organizations including CNN, NBC, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.  She is the author of two books about news and journalism, including her recent book From News to Talk: The Expansion of Opinion and Commentary in US Journalism, and she is the faculty advisor to Marymount’s student-produced newspaper, The Banner.