How To Become An Effective Patient Educator With PhysioSage

Karla Wente and Megan Lamphere are physical therapists that developed PhysioSage to provide up-to-date, widely sourced content that is interactive and easily accessible on social media.

PhysioSage’s mission is to create a platform for PT/PTA to become stronger patient educators in physical therapy. They provide FREE resources on their website and Instagram (@PhysioSage) which include educational content, mentorship, and continuing education.

Five main values PhysioSage focuses on called “Sage Subjects”

  • Clinical reflection
  • Teaching
  • Learning
  • Health Literacy
  • Patient Empowerment


9:17 “If you are more engaged in your patient care because you are positioned as a patient educator, you are going to get better patient outcomes.” – KARLA

12:25 “Having a patient say I learned so much, that is a reflection of the fact that I was there as an educator for them, but they’re empowered now.” – KARLA


37:26 “Ask your patients what they want on a daily basis. It might change from session to session so ask them every session what they need.” – MEGAN

37:43 “Position yourself as a patient educator and do that by reflecting, teaching, learning, meeting your patient where they’re at and always try to empower them.” – KARLA