Orthopaedics, Breathing, and Communications! Oh My! New England Conference Preview

APTA Chapters of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire worked together to create a virtual conference on November 7th for all members for the PT community to attend with programming available until January 31, 2021. Register here.

Jay Grimes is faculty member and orthopedic residency director at Sacred Heart University, Angela Campbell is president of the APTA Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Section and Michelle Collie is the president of the RI APTA chapter and CEO of Performance Physical Therapy. Jay, Angela, and Michelle are all speakers at the first Northeast Regional Virtual Conference.

Jay and his partners Jason Myerson and Michael Gans started a continuing education platform called Partners 4 Rehab Excellence for young professionals to improve their clinical skills and reasoning. At the conference, Jay will be on a residency and fellowship panel covering the residency experience.

Angela will be presenting on a session called the “Science of Breath” which will include the physiology of breathing and the importance of paying attention to breathwork in a patient’ care.

Michelle is speaking on the “Role of Telehealth in the Future of Our Profession.” She believes telehealth is an adjunct to our care and gives the opportunity for those people who cannot access a physical therapy clinic to receive care.


“For a great price, you’re getting 30 different educational sessions, 30 posters and platforms at a very reasonable and cheap price.” – JAY

“Masks work. Masks will not drop your oxygen. Coming into this conference, you have got a long time to use this information. Go outside your shell a little bit and try something new.” – ANGELA

“Now is the time that our profession has the opportunity to evolve and be the leaders in MSK care as well as all the adjunct areas.” – MICHELLE