Battling Guillain Barre Syndrome to Become a Physiotherapist Rachael Bailey is a physiotherapist from England who had a life changing experience which led her to become a physiotherapist. After a weekend in college, she became ill quickly but like any other college student did not think too seriously. In a matter of days, she was admitted to the ICU and diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome This diagnosis did not only affect Rachael physically but also emotionally altering her mental health. Rachael was blessed for the physios who worked with her along this journey. She eventually switched her degree with the goal to help others the way she was cared for in the hospital. Read more about her journey in the Daily Mail. QUOTES “If you are living with something like that, you cannot escape it.” – RACHAEL PARTING SHOT “My physios inspired me to completely change my life and you have that opportunity with every patient you have. Using that as motivation to always do the best and to not give up on your patients.” – RACHAEL