How to Build a Better Team. Secrets to Increased Productivity and Greater Morale with Jamey Schrier

Jamey Schrier is a physical therapist and the founder of Practice Freedom U – teaching PT’s and business owners the balance between self-management, income, and freedom.

In the time of COVID, Jamey notices owners re-evaluating their business to fix issues moving into the future. If a company wants to reset, he suggests to start with a clear vision and purpose that both the owner and employees believe in.

Jamey concisely defines mission, vision, values and why these components are crucial in the hiring process.

He visualizes his business order in a “reverse triangle” which puts the business owner on the bottom supporting the rest of the team.

Some mistakes business owners make which results in an unsuccessful team

  • Not providing for your team
  • Not giving initial expectations
  • Not meeting the employees where they are

To prevent these types of mistakes, have a clarity conversation between the business owner and employees to clear up confusion and bring attention to concerns and issues. 


“Vulnerability is a strength. It is a powerful strength.” – JAMEY

“Confused people don’t take action and action is what we want.” – JAMEY

“There is no reason that every business owner can’t have a great team and there is no reason a great person can’t work for a great owner.” – JAMEY


“Nothing happens until it is put into motion. Motion cures fear. Action. Implementation. Doing it is the key with all this stuff.” – JAMEY