New APTA Bylaws Will Impact You, How Your Voice Matters

What are the APTA Bylaws?
Why do they matter to the PT, PTA, or student?
How can we as a collective profession make our voice heard?

Kathy Mairella is a physical therapist, faculty member at Rutgers University and part of the APTA special
Committee on Bylaws Review. Becca Sanders-Fung is a physical therapist while also serving on local, state and nation
levels including APTA HOD representing GA and CA.

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Twitter: Becca: @ptdrbecca; Kathy

We cover:
What are the APTA Bylaws?

  • Bylaws: governing document established member rights, decision making processes, election of
    Why do the APTA Bylaws matter to PT/PTA and students?
  • Opportunities to engage professionally
  • Why do the details (bylaws) matter big picture?
    What types of change are up to debate?
    How do we make our voice heard?
  • How re we more inclusive in our association
  • Talking to delegates
  • #bettertogether
  • APTA By-Law Sessions – Oct 13, 14, 17