Physical Therapy in TV & Movies

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🤔 How Well is PT Represented?

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Jason Hubeny is a third year student physical therapist at the University of Hartford in Connecticut.

As a freshman in college, he became a member of the APTA. Check out his article PT Student for 2 years, an APTA Member for 4 Years to learn about his reasons why he is an #APTAmember.

Jason created a blog called RatedPT where he finds the representations of physical therapists in TV shows and movies. During the show, we break down scenes from Dumb & Dumber, Forrest Gump, and Impractical Jokers and how they present physical therapists to the audience.


“It sold me on the connections between everybody in PT and how important that organization is.” – JASON


“It is hard to separate PT from the rest of my life… It is fine that PT does have overlap in other parts in your life and it connects with everything and it is not a separate part of your life.” – JASON