Community-Based Falls Prevention & Stroke Survivors Group Tell Their Stories LIVE from Marymount University

Two years ago this week the show was LIVE! In-person @ Jimmy’s alma mater Marymount University!
Seriously missing being at live events in person with people…

But let’s take a THROW BACK THURSDAY listen to this two part episode… we had a REALLY interesting mix of guests.

Jennifer Tripkin was a professor at Marymount at the time working on a community-based fall prevention program, but now she’s working with the National Council on Aging!

Part 2 brings you Adam Meakins and Erik Meira. They have podcasts of their own and it was great to bring them on together, they were in Arlington va that weekend to give a continuing education course.

Melissa Richman – who runs a group at the Stroke Comeback Center in VA as well as helping her group of survivors of stroke and tbi host their OWN PODCAST! Called The Slow Road to Better! We brought the whole team on the show to talk about THEIR story and how THEY live…

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Find them online @ – new courses out on Blood Flow Restriction Training with Johnny Owens – Tissue Tolerance – the running athlete and of course – Current concepts of Orthopedic PT – an amazing resource for preparing for the OCS examination.