The Future of Amputee Care with Danny Keller

Danny Keller clinical professor at UCSF treating the sports, orthopedic and amputee population as well as working on the specialized amputee clinical team.

Due to COVID, Danny has been treating and educating as a CI mainly with telehealth. He will soon have a paper out in PTJ about patient satisfaction using telehealth.

Additional considerations when treating a patient with an amputee:

  • Working with an interdisciplinary team
  • Understanding the mechanics and possible issues of a prosthetic
  • Thinking about the psychological toll this has on the patient

Three things students should know seeing a patient with an amputation on their schedule:

  • Take a thorough subjective
  • Do not be afraid to touch the involved limb
  • Carefully watch the patient move

The future of amputee rehab will begin to integrate EMG utilizing surrounding muscle to help motorize the prosthetic and improve the quality of movement.


“This population is underestimated… Take a chance. Take a risk. Jump outside your comfort zone.” – DANNY