Mike Chua is a physical therapist who helps therapists turn their passion into purpose and profit by becoming a mentor.

He lays on us how to improve your influence and impact in the industry using mentor –

  • M – meet a need/niche
  • E – educate
  • N – network
  • T – finding a team
  • O – one on one coaching
  • R – repeat it

Check out Mike’s website at Alternative Healthcare Careers and Facebook group Alternative Healthcare Careers for Rehabilitation Professionals.

He has created multiple books on Alzheimer’s and Dementia to give more information to the patients and audience he serves.

His Facebook lives not only benefit the audience who listen but are valuable to him by learning and understanding more about his topics.  


“Find a team that will actually believe in you and actually push you to your next level.” – MIKE

“In order to be a good leader, you need to be a good follower.” – MIKE

“There’s two parts in being a therapist. Part one is being the business owner. Second one, we are always made to be clinicians. We will always go back to our first love which is taking care of patients.” – MIKE


“You always want to do everything fast.” – MIKE

  • F – find friends that will push you to your next level
  • A – take action
  • S – shoot for the moon
  • T – teach it