We hosted the APTA Flash Action Strategy to get students excited about this years event.

This year’s Flash Action Strategy is raising awareness and donations for the physical therapy political action committee (PT-PAC).

We first start out with Lindsay Dolan, PT-PAC liaison, and Kayla Harris, VP of the Student Assembly. They tell us the goals of this year’s FAS:

  • Increase student participation by 3% after pep rally
  • Increase PT-PAC donations by $10,000
  • Pep rally facilitate 250 new student stars

Following is Justin Elliott, APTA VP of Government Affairs discussing issues faced in physical therapy today:

  • Workforce Diversity
  • Student Loan Repayment
  • 9% cut from CMS

Next, we have Eva Norman as the Lady in Red and PT-PAC Trustee. She describes for us what PT-PAC is, why it matters, and how the PT-PAC adds value to our profession.

Two PT students James Nowak and Sam Zahnder push promoting the flash action strategy in schools to increase student awareness and participation in physical therapy advocacy.

This year’s Flash Action Strategy is on September 15-16th emphasizing the importance of the PT-PAC. Donate to #BacThePac here