Matt Gratton is a professor, physical therapist assistant and a student physical therapist transitioning from PTA to DPT at the University of Findlay.

Matt has an interesting backstory with different career paths before becoming a PTA. In his timeline, he knew he would transition from PTA to PT.

Some reasons PTA’s will make the transition is to further their knowledge, increase autonomy, and improve patient care and clinical decisions.

Previous experience whether as a PTA or another service has found to be valuable in this transition program and guide students to their path forward.

Matt believes a good candidate to make this transition needs to know their why, understand their sacrifices, and have a strong support system.


“Where do you want your sacrifice to lie your life?” – MATT

“If you just give people answers, they’re not discovering anything about themselves.” – MATT


“When you’re moving forward in life, really self-reflect, make a decision and just go for it.” – MATT