Ryan Hendrickson is a service member in the Navy, Air Force, and Army, author of Tip of the Spear, and current Green Beret. Ryan was chatting with us while on his deployment in Afghanistan.

His book details his life serving through three branches of the military and eventually becoming a Green Beret.

One specific deployment in Afghanistan searching for improvised explosive devices (IED), Ryan tells us how he was injured stepping on one which ended up becoming life changing.

Through multiple surgeries, skin grafts, and extensive physical therapy with his PT Johnny Owens, Ryan was able to walk and return to Afghanistan.

Check out his book of his journey back to battle Tip of the Spear.


“You don’t control life and you don’t control death. Everything in between are blank pages.” – RYAN

“You don’t really fail… unless you adopt a victimization mentality that you’re a failure.” – RYAN

“As people would quit, I would feed off that weakness because I’m still here.” – RYAN       

“You’re not just working on a patient or a client… you’re changing lives.” – RYAN

“You’re getting guys and girls back into the fight regardless of what fight it is.” – RYAN


“Refuse to become a victim of circumstance because life is full of them.” – RYAN