Ellie Somers is a team physical therapist for the USAFL women’s national team, run coach and owner of Sisu Performance and Physical Therapy in Seattle, WA.

Biases are always involved even in leaders. Ellie hopes people learn about their own implicit biases and how those biases can influence continued racism in our profession as well as the little steps and actions taken to make change.

Ellie is active on social media and recognizes the difficult conversation discussed on these platforms favoring loud voices. Her advice is when in doubt, lead with a question and understand the voices to amplify and why.

Her goals for DEI in PT – follow racially different PT’s and take actionable steps in the community and clinic.


“We follow our bias because it is the easy path.” – ELLIE

“I have a responsibility to try and ensure that the content I’m consuming on social media works against my ingrained white privilege.” – ELLIE

“We have to amplify the voices of black and brown colleagues. Consistently.” – ELLIE

“I think we need to shift the vision a little bit and say how do we elevate the entire profession? How do we ensure we are being equal, equitable, and inclusive? The realm of physical therapy has a long way to go.” – ELLIE

“Crisis doesn’t create character, it reveals it.” – JIMMY


“Do the best you can to support diversity, equity, and inclusion every day.” – ELLIE