Michael Lewis is a state affairs specialist for the APTA. He has worked in state and federal healthcare and disability policy for 10 years, a cause dear to him as he has cerebral palsy.

He tells his story about his life with cerebral palsy and his personal connection to physical therapy.

He was young when the ADA was enacted but it benefited him immensely to improve his mobility in the community and complete college and graduate school.  

Read his article The ADA Turns 30 This Year on the APTA website.

At APTA Legislative Affairs, Michael helps to move forward the advocacy efforts therapists strive for to improve health care – direct access, increase scope of practice, providing telehealth, and increasing access to the PT compact. Michael mentions recent APTA accomplishments including dry needling in Florida, co-pay law in Georgia, and the Choose PT campaign.


“The world was an obstacle for people with mobility issues.” – MICHAEL

“People don’t ask questions because they do not know how to ask questions.” – MICHAEL

“ADA is a great piece of legislation to progress, but hopefully we’re not done yet.” – JIMMY


“Never underestimate someone with a disability because they will always outsmart you.” – MICHAEL