Mica Mitchell is a physical therapist with a passion for pediatric PT and is also a professor at Methodist University.

As a professor and previous PT student, Mica has discovered ineffective study strategies students used in PT school because they are considered easy to apply. Trying to change the study strategy has been found to be more effective in learning and retaining information.

Using evidenced based strategies, PT students need to have a growth mindset to maximize their learning potentials. Mica defines a growth mindset as the capacity to continue to learn. More information can be found on the Learning Scientists. Some strategies she discussed were:

·        Writing out notes of a topic then refer to the book after

·        Take more time on uncomfortable topics

·        Do not rely on your own questions or quizzes

·        Finding another purpose for highlighters

·        Teaching the topic to another person

Jimmy questioned how to become that “A” PT student? Mica believes students seek growth if they fall short of their ideal grade. She also comes up with her own strategies for those students who strive for the “A” in PT school:

·        Check studying strategies

·        Check what is important to you

·        How are you sleep and stress levels?

·        What is the test actually testing?

·        Reach out to your professors sooner rather than later


“A good test is going to highlight what you don’t know.” – JIMMY

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.” – JIMMY

“You don’t want to surprise yourself at the test about what you don’t know. You want to be testing yourself along the way.” – MICA

“Embrace the why questions.” – MICA

“As this lifelong learner in our profession, the evidence is changing.” – MICA


“Have a growth mindset. Setting your goals are important because if you set your goals not just something you think is attainable, set your goals for something beyond your wildest expectations.” – MICA