Mark Milligan is a physical therapist who wants to challenge our profession by revolutionizing it through technology, empathy, connection, love, and even donuts! Cannot argue with that.

At CSM in Denver, Mark presented on telehealth and DEI which now are two major topics discussed in physical therapy. You could say he predicted the future, but Mark has been working into these areas even before this year’s events.

Mark is originally from Austin, Texas and describes the systemic barriers that exist in his community. Not only is acknowledging these barriers important but he questions how PTs can play a role in communicating to other healthcare providers about breaking these barriers.

Practicing in the clinic for 10 years, Mark has experienced the difficulties PTs face to treat patients without biases. He explains the importance of physical therapists to become comfortable with the uncomfortable while treating all patients.

Mark explains the power of knowing and loving yourself to create safety in conversations and decreasing defensive behavior.


“We need to get people on the same starting line with the same bike, the same pair of shoes, the same wind, and let’s ride together.” – MARK

“You don’t have to be responsible for other people’s thoughts about you but you do have to be responsible for your thoughts about you.” – MARK

“When you love yourself ultimately you don’t have any defensiveness.” – MARK

“A conversation is a relationship of information between two people.” – JIMMY

“Pay people enough that money is off the table.” – JIMMY

“More people should know about themselves.” – MARK


“We are all human, we are all here together. Be patient, be loving, be kind… Love will solve things.” – MARK