Reed Handley is a PhD student and Stacy Fritz is a professor and director of research at the University of South Carolina. Their focus is promoting physical activity for people with disabilities.

As part of the curriculum, U of SC DPT students carry out research projects. Reed gathered three students to conduct research on strength training attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge in current & future exercise professionals. Participate in the research survey here:

Reed points out that PTs will have different views on strength training depending on the type of clinical setting they work in.

With 1,300+ responses currently, Stacy and Reed hypothesize PTs and students do have sufficient education and knowledge to adequately dose strength training to different patient populations.  


“Strength is not owned by PTs, it is a universal thing.” – REED

“We are the movement experts. We always say that. Let’s prove it. We should know at least as much as the next healthcare professional on strength training.” – REED

“I think we underdose in education the importance of ther ex.” – STACY

“Strength is function.” – STACY

“Explore movement yourself if you are not used to someone else’s movement.” – REED

“It is not just going to be about the disease (COVID), it is going to be about the recovery.” – STACY

“Don’t under dose, these people are going to need you to make them work.” – JIMMY