Eddie Ernst is a physical therapist assistant and Director of Rehab at a skilled nursing facility who has a passion for vestibular/balance rehab, chronic pain, and geriatrics.

On student rotations, he gained experience treating patients with vestibular disorders which led him to choose this area to practice. He became certified to treat vestibular conditions through the American Musculoskeletal Institute (AMSI) and gave a list of institutes to become certified for PTAs. Check out AMSI here: https://www.amsitraining.com/

Eddie is a co-host for the PTA Tapes podcast which is the only PTA lead and PTA specific podcast. Eddie is currently working with Steven Tijerina in the Dizzy Discussions podcast focusing on vestibular rehab.

He knew early in his career he wanted to lead and hold leadership positions. He emphasizes the difference between clinical supervision and business supervision.

Eddie puts emphasis on not only having clinical leadership as a PTA but becoming involved in the state and nationally. Check out the PTA Caucus for PTA representation in APTA governance issues https://www.apta.org/apta-and-you/leadership-and-governance/pta-caucus


18:40 “It’s important knowing what you know and communicating with the PT.” – EDDIE

22:37 “Make sure you know what you are prescribing.” – JIMMY

31:33 “As clinicians, our number one job is patient advocacy.” – EDDIE

37:10 “I want to move up the ladder high enough to be able to make decisions that have the biggest impact.” – EDDIE

38:37 “If your company is creating barriers to make a positive impact, time to look elsewhere.” – EDDIE

39:40 “You don’t get it unless you’re in it.” – EDDIE

 40:10 “You need to be a healthcare provider first and an admin second to actively be able to advocate for your patients accordingly and correctly.” – EDDIE

44:38 “You need to be at the table and get yourself at the table to have a say.” – EDDIE

47:18 “It is not about the credit, it is about showing that you care.” – EDDIE

50:00 “Do you want to get it right, or be right?” – JIMMY


“Advocate for yourself and for your patients.” – EDDIE