Nick Housley is a physical therapist with a PhD in neuroscience and is the director of clinical research at Motus Nova working with new rehab technologies. You can check out Motus rehab here:

Nick tells his story of being a nationally ranked cyclist and had an accident during this time. His experience with his physical therapist inspired him to pursue PT more specifically with robotics and assisted technology. He hopes that robotics will be that step to advance care and rehab for patients with neurological injuries.

He brings us to the Motus Nova walkthrough where he illustrates the types of exoskeletons he works with and how they are beneficial for our patients. He also discusses even the disadvantages because assisted technology needs to be able to fit with each individual patient.

The next step of robotics in PT is helping people adopt tele-rehab delivery methods. Robotics can be a new tool to adjust and modify PT practices.


“I want people to be empowered to use technology in rehab.” – NICK