Jamey Schrier is a physical therapist and the founder and CEO of Practice Freedom U where he teaches business owners how to maintain freedom by balancing life and work as a business owner. Check out Practice Freedom U: https://practicefreedomu.thinkific.com/

Jamey tells his story of an event he experienced early in his career that changed the way he wanted to help in the PT world. He shifted from being the business owner of a clinic to helping others build their own.

He paints us a picture of his ideal patient for his clinic and building relationships and connections to this patient population helped him define his target audience. Identifying the target audience will eventually transform the business operation.

Bringing back to the basics, Jamey breaks down the difference between benefits and features of treating patients and owning a business.

Here are Jamey’s three types of relationship strategies to find that ideal client:

·        Referral partners

·        Connecting with the customer directly

·        Have something to offer the target audience


“The more you niche, the better your business will be.” – JAMEY

“I believe in alignment. Alignment in your business and alignment in your life.” – JAMEY

“People don’t do things when you’re ready. People do things when they’re ready.” – JAMEY

“Communicate the transformation.” – JIMMY

“The best customer you have is the past patient who has already been there.” – JAMEY

“You are your own worst enemy when it comes to competition.” – JAMEY


“You can do this. You can create the kind of business that you want. You can create the kind of life that you want.” – JAMEY