She’s know as “The Arm Whisperer” the “Explainer in Chief” and ” Vitamin L.” Down to earth style and humor combined with decades of clinical cancer rehab experience have made the world better for tens of thousands of cancer patients and survivors in the US and across the globe.

Leslie Waltke is a Cancer Rehab physical therapist, educator, and consultant. She is known as “The Arm Whisperer”, the “Explainer in Chief” and ” Vitamin L.”

Leslie was on the show previously to talk about treating and educating cancer patients. THIS EPISODE she gives us the backstage pass on how she creates her educational content and video production.

Leslie’s videos started out as a dare, but with hard work, picking an appropriate audience and knowing her intent, she now has The Recovery Room with educational videos for patients to view anytime online. Check out her Youtube channel and Facebook:

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Leslie discusses how to engage your patient with the acronym VET-M: Validate, Explain, Teach, and Motivate. She has found this beneficial especially with cancer patients.  

Video, lighting, and sound are all factors Leslie considers and shows us how she incorporates these into creating her content.


35:54 “Exercise like your life depends on it.” – LESLIE

38:49 “Treat yourself like you are the important person on the planet because you are.” – LESLIE  

27:02 “Talk like your audience listens. Listen like your audience talks.”  – Jimmy

20:10 “Professionalism matters and there is a step to that in how you present yourself in video.” – LESLIE


2:04 “Videos can be ever green so never put a date on anything.” – LESLIE

1:12 “Youtube is a microphone. Use it.” – LESLIE