Mike Morrison is a former web designer turned PhD student in Work Psychology using design and psychology backgrounds to share knowledge.

Mike defines the user experience (UX) in common web designs today and how UX makes consuming information faster and more efficient in websites or presentations.

With his background in web design, Mike created Twister Poster and Better Poster to improve the way information is presented. Check them out here:

·        Twitter poster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQDL8r3r_d4

·        Better poster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RwJbhkCA58&t=3s

He describes what is included in the Better Poster and how it compares to other posters usually seen at conferences. He talks about the importance of catching attention and emotion with your poster design.

He explains how to create a Twitter Poster and found this design to be more eye catching to the consumer versus a link or graphic.

Mike breaks down what information foraging theory is and why it is important to engage your audience with little effort.

Mike believes there is not a better time then to start and apply UX than during COVID. With the rise in virtual events and increase in technology use, it is time to improve the presentation of your information and make presenting easier.


41:12 “If something is hard to use, people don’t use it very much” – MIKE

30:10 “Everything that gets in someone’s brain before they ask you a question about your research will make them ask deeper and better questions.” – MIKE

23:14 “If you cared about the learning experience, you would use color to stimulate emotion that is relevant to your study.” – MIKE  

16:12 “To make something engaging, you have to make it more interesting than it is effort.” – MIKE

12:48 “The strongest information that you can present is getting right to the point” – MIKE


1:38 “You have to stop being frustrated with people for being lazy and start loving people for being lazy” – MIKE