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Annie Burke-Doe is a physical therapist and a telehealth expert. She describes the importance and difficulties of using telehealth in this ever-changing environment. 

She mainly works with pediatric patients and discusses the challenges treating this population using telehealth. Annie further goes into what platform she uses to treat telehealth and how she continues to protect patient’s information.


47:57 “If telehealth has been something that you have been afraid of or not, thinking that you can do it, go out there, use all your skills, make it happen, and you’ll be great at it and it will help people in society.” – ANNIE


Alan Lee serves as the telehealth lead for the APTA Frontiers in Rehabilitation Science and Technology (FiRST) Council and the APTA HPA’s technology SIG Vice Director.

Alan and Jimmy hosted the Technopalooza event at CSM 2020 in Denver. Listen to that CSM LIVE! here:

Alan believes telehealth is a way of practicing that should be permanent in the future by incorporating it into all practices, teaching it in education, and increasing research to determine the effectiveness of telehealth in physical therapy.


39:18 “We need to collaborate with interprofessional telehealth and telemedicine providers to really help society in addressing the societal needs including diversity, equity, and inclusion of those areas that are really underserved.” – ALAN

37:21 “Telehealth is a team sport. It needs all of us.” – ALAN


32:03 “We are professionals of being together in the community. Telehealth is just one component of what we do.” – ALAN


Chris Reed is the CFO of Agile Physical Therapy in the bay area of California and the chair of the government affairs committee of the CPTA.

With his increased involvement in PT advocacy, Chris emphasizes why physical therapists should understand the “laws of the land.” The FSBPT contains the laws and regulations of practicing telehealth in all 50 states. Check out those here:



At Agile Physical Therapy, Chris uses outcome measures to track the effectiveness of using telehealth in physical therapy.


6:30 “Telehealth isn’t something to be afraid of. It is a tool that we can use to do the things that we do everyday.” – CHRISTo register for this webinar, check out CPTA: Long Beach South Bay District June 30th 6-8 pm.