Kyle Covington, PT, DPT, PhD is a professor at Duke University in their PT program and he’s the Vice-Speaker of the House for the APTA Board of Directors. Each year delegates from around the country come together for the House of Delegates to help shape the profession of Physical Therapy.

What happens there, might not be something that you hang on every word of. Fortunately for us we have Kyle Covington to breakdown the big happenings at this years house of delegates.

We cover
Duke University’s “House of Dukelegates” program
How the APTA’s House of Delegates structure and function
What his role as Vice-Speaker entails

From the 2020 House of Delegates we cover
Telehealth Charge
APTA Behavioral & Mental Health Position
APTA’s Transparency of Accredited Physical Therapy Education Programs
APTA Standards of Practice changes
Why you should care about APTA and the House of Delegates
How you can get more involved