Due to circumstances of COVID-19, APTA NEXT transformed our beloved NEXT conference virtual. At PT Pintcast, we decided to kick things off with a NEXT Virtual Happy Hour. 

Thank you Owens Recovery Science for sponsoring the event! www.OwensRecoveryScience.com

Johnny Owens and Kyle Kimbrell from Owens Recovery Science here to talk about blood flow restriction.

Kyle starts off this chat discussing that both, and we mean BOTH, Twitter and BFR changed his way of practice as a PT.

How to manage burnout as a PT? Try something new in the field and be inspired by connecting with others.

Check out Johnny and Kyle on the PACER Project here: owensrecoveryscience.com/blog/the-pacer-project/

Johnny and Kyle give us the breadth and depth on the benefits of BFR for ALL populations – athletes, pediatric, geriatric, even patients in the ICU.

Johnny illustrates how BFR is used in research, where it is going, and how it will benefit patients today.


“I want physical therapists to stop prescribing exercise that looks like you’re a circus bear or a one man band. I want them to prescribe exercise that creates adaptation and muscle.” – KYLE

“How would I tell my kids that this is how my mom or dad reacted during these times.” – JOHNNY