Due to circumstances of COVID-19, APTA NEXT transformed our beloved NEXT conference virtual. At PT Pintcast, we decided to kick things off with a NEXT Virtual Happy Hour. 

Jerry Durham was our first guest to kick off this happy hour. Jerry discusses #timeIsNow which symbolizes the need to change now to move forward in changing the future.

As the patient experience is shifting towards a telehealth experience, it is important to understand the patient when talking on the phone.

What Jerry emphasizes is demonstrating to your patient from the initial phone call that THEY MATTER and make the experience all about them.

Jerry also acknowledges the difficulties of current physical therapists using telehealth. Even though these issues arise, physical therapists will only become better clinicians once back practicing in the clinic.

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“The world is about community. You will be successful when you learn who you can serve in your community. #1 step to business success.” – JERRY