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HPA The Catalyst (https://www.aptahpa.org/) President Matt Mesibov and Vice President Karen Hughes come on to talk about the surge of information (and misinformation) around COVID-19.

We cover:

1. The impact of COVID-19 on our profession

2. Amid this crisis we have had a surge in membership and engagement… why?!

3. The uniqueness of HPA The Catalyst inclusivity and innovation

1.  Alībāg COVID Impact: Recognizing the need for resources for our profession and began to collaborate on clinical and non-clinical resources. e.g – webinars, telehealth vendor resource,  collaboration with APTA and other components.

2.  where can i buy Lyrica tablets Membership growth– at a time when Maslow’s hierarchy is dominating our lives to survive – i.e. what are my basic needs? , we have seen more historical membership growth and engagement in learning, participating and developing material to share with our colleagues- awesome networking people – 

3.  Olpe Innovation/Inclusivity of our section – ground up section – we give our members a platform to belong and adds value to each professionals life by allowing the individual and group  to flourish in their specific areas that impacts their quality of life and professionalism – ie.catalyst groups- beyond clinical, pt proud, pro-bono, tech sig, global health sig, lamp leadership & lamp management, payment and practice, research, publications, and programming