Ben is the founder of Mobile Measures, a mobile app designed for physical therapists to optimize the use of functional outcome measures. He is also a physical therapist at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where he still practices full time.

Mobile Measures is a mobile app that helps PTs measure patient outcomes.

It provides access to high-quality patient assessment tools that are proven to measure critical aspects of patient health/functional status including risk of falling, hospitalization, frailty, and much more.

The app guides users to the best test to use for over 40 different patient populations, it automatically calculates scores, offers immediate interpretation of the results, and uploads the results into your documentation. Users can visualize the impact of their patient’s condition, track progress, and determine the effectiveness of treatments directly at the point of care!

As the current trend in healthcare is moving toward value-based payment plans, physical therapists need to find new ways to prove the value of their services and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of delivering high-quality evidence based care. Mobile Measures is designed to do just that.

Outcome measures play a key role in clinical decision making, improving patient outcomes and quality of life, and reducing healthcare costs for patients and organizations.

Although the benefits of using outcome measures has been recognized for many years, they are not routinely and effectively being used in daily practice because of barriers related to time, knowledge, and ready access to information at the point of care.

Mobile Measures provides all of the tools needed to overcome these barriers and maximize the benefits that outcome measures provide.