Veena Somareddy is the CEO/CTO of Neuro Rehab VR. They build virtual reality therapy products for Physical and Occupational therapy clinics, Hospitals, Patients who have suffered a stroke, TBI, SPI and other neuro diseases

  • We cover:
    How VR is disrupting the PT, OT industry with virtual reality therapy
  • How our patients and therapists are responding to the tech and how the data analytics helps with precise tracking of patient progress
  • With Covid-19, Telemedicine even in PT is going to be an important way of Therapy soon and would like to talk about how this tech can help PTs continue to keep in touch with their patients

Virtual Reality:
Increases patient engagement & motivation with virtual reality for physical therapy
Patient and PT experiences with VR and Data Analytics for progress tracking

  • Listen and learn how:
  • Understand the benefits of virtual reality technology, how they can integrate it into their practice.
  • Increase patient engagement, motivation and also ROI for their clinics
  • Explore new ways of keeping in touch with their patients remotely at a time of crises where they have to practice social distancing when PT is all about being in close contact with patients¬†