Megan Moran is a Physical Therapist and Assistant Professor at Marymount University.

Megan shares how she used Clifton StrengthsFinders in DPT education to test if grouping students by various strengths could make them more productive in school, at work, or in their personal lives.

CliftonStrengths is an assessment tool used across different industries to inform individuals of their personal strengths or talents.  Individuals are encouraged to leverage their strengths to make them more productive at work or in their personal lives.  At MU, we are introducing this to students as they enter the program with hopes they will continue to use their talents throughout their graduate education and as they enter the profession.

The assessment is easily available online, for a minimal fee.  Individuals can gain insight as to why they gravitate to certain tasks at work, or why they work well with others.  Knowing one’s strength can help an individual choose roles where they will thrive.

  • Know your strengths and how others might view the strengths
  • Don’t spend most of your time focusing on your weaknesses
  • Learn the strengths of those you work with and discuss how your team can best achieve goals