Anang Chokshi is a physical therapist who left traditional care to help start a digital healthcare company in San Diego over 7 years ago, Reflexion Health.

As their Chief Clinical Officer he has been able to use his clinical background to build an organization that is using sensor technology and telemedicine to deliver care that is convenient for patients while providing clinicians greater insight into the recovery process.

We talked about why we should be embracing telehealth and technology into our practice in the future.

  • Translating telehealth research into practical application of telehealth
  • How to use telehealth in today’s healthcare beyond the B2C model
  • Telehealth doesn’t mean less care
  • Telehealth still uses your greatest skill as a clinician, observation and clinical reasoning/decision making ¬†

This is important because if physical therapy doesn’t embrace telehealth, there will be companies that offer pseudo therapy to our patients.

We covered:

Understanding the opportunities
Patient centric and focused care
Understanding the legalities of your PT state board

Connect with Anang:
Twitter: @AnangChokshiDPT
Instagram: @AnangChokshi