Arielle Giordano is the Associate Director of Physical Therapy and Residency Director at the University of Delaware.

We talked about a Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) that will be published in early spring on the rehabilitation of concussion. This will will help to point us in the direction of how to treat concussion, what to look for and what tools are necessary. 

Other guidelines focus on Primary Care, Sideline evaluation or Emergency department procedures but not treatment in those with chronic symptoms using Physical Therapy. The neck and the vestibular system are large areas of focus which we be reviewed in the Academy of Orthopedics Annual conference.

Arielle will be presenting at the Annual Orthopedic Meeting from the Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy April 3-4 in Minneapolis Minnesota.

We got into the large focus on concussion treatment being brought to the forefront by the media, especially in football and collision sports. Many children play sports which is causing parents to focus on whether they should allow their son or daughter to play in these sports.  Concussion is even more prevalent in all age ranges due to motor vehicle collision, assaults and falls.

Our conversation focused on:

  • Resources
  • Perception
  • Outcomes

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