We talked with Brad Cooper who’s been writing for the APTA for years now about a recent publication in APTA’s Perspectives Magazine.

He gave 10 book titles that helped to shape his career and gave insight for each on what they brought to him.

Brad’s Bio:

Brad is a nationally-recognized thought leader in the health and wellness industry.  He is the author of four books, a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer and highly sought-after speaker.

Brad has been a lifelong student of, and catalyst for, optimal human performance. In his 20’s, he earned a Masters in Physical Therapy, which he used to treat patients across the spectrum of orthopedic/neurological diagnoses. 

Then, in his 30’s, he earned an MBA, wrote three books, moved into a vice president of operations role and worked to expand upon his clinical leadership knowledge/understanding (while continuing to treat patients). 

When Brad hit his 40’s, he became CEO of US Corporate Wellness, Co-founder of Catalyst Coaching Institute, wrote a fourth book and was generously identified by several publications as “The World’s Fittest CEO.” 

Now in his 50’s, he continues his CEO role while simultaneously pursuing a PhD with research focusing on mental toughness and how it can be applied in the real world. Along the way, he’s fallen deeper in love with his bride of 27 years, treasured being a dad to three incredible kids, secured two US Patents, completed 11 Ironmans (4 times at Kona), won the Race Across America, been featured in a film shown nationwide and spoken professionally in all 50 states to a wide range of organizations.