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00:05:01 - 00:10:05

If you if anybody plays pick up soccer on like a weekend where the grass is pretty Dewey and anybody goes to like slide him for a goal, and you kind of opened up your you get a little scrape nothing. Big deal that active that fungus that grows on like nice mill dewy grass is there, but that's only in small amounts. She had her whole right federal artery severed, and then her body was thrown into a ditch full of receiving water from a rainstorm the week before. And then then just like with any any infectious disease? It takes a couple of days to get a biopsy, right? So most people unfortunately pass away in that few days, they were going to go in the leg. Grace was like take it take, you know, leave, you know, say what you can take what you don't need. Right. Thankfully, the surgeons at Baptist hospital where able to save the entire leg. They did have to respect a lot of the muscles. And they told her you'll never walk again. You'll never be able to put weight on that leg. They'll you'll never be able to. She was a golfer. You'll never be able to play golf again. This is high school eighteen year old high school girl and being told candidates. You can't do that. You can't do this. You can't do that. You know, they came. There's a pretty much get used to being amputating, you know, and I was in PT school this time this was only three years ago. So I've been out about three four years. So I was in school trying to keep myself sane on my bay beautiful. Baby sister was laying in ICU bed for seventy seven days. That was a lot to handle but us as a family were used. To the overcoming these obstacles. So, but she she made miraculously recovery. She went from that situation to kick boxing in less than ninety days. So first off. Thank you for telling that story. Absolutely awesome. I mean, I see co people getting there. I was that's gotta be. I can't imagine. What that'd be like what what did you learn from that situation? You will be pleasantly surprised humbling surprised by the drive that Pete that you have if you truly truly want to do something all my sister wanted to do initially was go play golf go to college. Go play golf in college. You know, go out to the beach. I want to be the my friends I want to be on Instagram. I want to do these things where you will be surprised by the drive that you have when you're put in a situation like that you have these high goals, and then all of a sudden, oh that gets a medial taken away from you. And then it comes to I like to use the bathroom on toilet. We we work in different setting for. And that's what I mean. I get. Choked up. I mean listening to Dr Flaherty earlier, I was back there in back just bawling because my sister was broken she felt broken. But it was her therapist that got her up to the bathroom. Got her walking got a running got her playing golf daughter kickboxing? Now, she's fixing graduate college three and a half years. That's the that's a great story. I'm glad you included that and I'm loving the ending as well. Well, ending yet. Right know where where's she going next? She had pretty much her entire glued group all all of three quarters of required all down through a calf plates and screws all the way down on the right? So her makir gate mechanics or a little off could see why she's you know, but you know, in and she's like, hey, listen. But here's the thing at the end of the day her well, her plastic surgeon is the one who helped invent the wound vac she because she was the only one and everybody else who had passed within that three day or four day window biopsies. She was a delicate delicate patient so they were able to really pull everything that could do together to keep her her infectious disease, doc sits on the board for the FDA. So any medication whatever you needed whatever we're big NASCAR fans and Richard Childress on anybody knows Robbins race AMAN racing on the night. He heard about it. Story. And with one thing with, you know, with a fungus, you need silver to cure it or to prevent it. He paid to have about may fifty sixty pounds of pure silver flown in Fort Knox. So that Baptists could help put that into her body to kill all the fungus. Wow. So we're he's Richard Childress fans, you'd be surprised at like when people hear that, you know, this last wave of the surgeries she she's thankful for her leg. She's angle for everything and everybody has been part of her story. She initially had a hard time looking down waking up in open up. This covers and seeing all the scars and all the previous suitors wear her have her muscles used to be right now. She says, you know, and this is me, this is her, you know, this. This is me this is who I am. I have to own now. But what she's trying to politely ask is? I want to be able to look into the mirror and not really see this devastating history on my body.

00:10:05 - 00:15:03

I'm going to honor it because that's about a wound from what happened. So her team. Move surgeons are going to do everything they can. So that from the front if she when she looks at herself in the mirror. She doesn't have all these devastating memories of her body. Tear for grace. Brought to you by Arias medical staffing, single source for PT's wanna do what you wanna do which is be a physical therapist where you want to do it. They've got positions anywhere in the US. All fifty states. Yeah. We get asked this a lot Alaska Hawaii, Colorado. You want to do some mountains you like rivers lakes ocean. They got you covered a U R E, U S, medical dot com. It's very simple to explain what they do. It's why I love working with them. They find jobs doing what they wanna do where they want to do it. You put yourself through school. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears now, you decide where you work Arias has you covered a U R E, U S, medical dot com. So no obligation. Just check them out and see what they have to offer. They've been doing this for a couple of decades, a U R E, U S, medical dot com. And we're back. Let's get back to the show. Are you ready to play play a game as well? Absolutely reclaimed. Better than just I know. I think it'd be that's possible you worse. All right. We're gonna play either. Or would you rather be stung by twenty Bs in random locations or have a soccer player kick each shin ten times? And I don't even get to pick where the they'll get stung negative. Gosh, anywhere. Let's go kicked in the shin for two hundred kicking shin. No come sixty percent of online people said kicking the shave. All right. Second question. Would you rather drink old milk or eat moldy cheese? I like blue cheese. Yeah. I'll take the cheese. Fifty seven percent of online respondents said they'd rather drink old milk. And I thought it was because you could just kind of just quickly really you it gets between your teeth. I don't know the tastes keeps going. All right last one last one, which rather be barefoot the rest of your life or have to wear crocs every day for the rest of your life. I was into the crocs until they made the squeaky noise walked, it's like, the, you know with the wind suit pants, so where you going I'm going to go barefoot audience. Yeah. Fifty fifty five percent of online respondents said barefoot the rest of your life. Just move to the beach man DASS. Yeah. We'll you ready for reporting shop. Absolutely this is the parting shots. The parting shot is brought to you by rock tape there more than just a tape company. They're a movement company. Rock tape helps athletes of every level go stronger longer with the best kinesiology tapes, cutting education and fitness support products rock tape wants people to move more and move better. Find them online at rock tape dot com slash medical fast. Message you want to leave with the audience? Don't let anybody tell you can't do something you're gonna be those situations where you're going to go to that next step, and it's going to hit that wall. I was talking Clinton earlier about his graph where it shows about your professional development said that is exactly how it is. You make an advance you you you get involved with something you make good job move. And then there's a wall. They're gonna say you you weren't good enough. You don't know enough? You didn't invite you didn't get involved enough. It's always this obstacle. Use. That is fire to get back at it. Go back harder. Do it again, do whatever you have to do to keep that passion burning as hot and as long as absolutely possible. Because you never know where it's going to take you love it. Let's hear for Wellstone. Thala was online Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at PT podcast. Yes, is in fact, a double devil attended Arizona State University the sun devils and to university that blue devils for her physical therapy degree she and her husband loved to travel mountains take their two dogs on adventures. And let's kill the black. Welcome back to the show. You were on the show before. Yes. Thank you to me. We were drinking at the time. We were I believe you were drinking wine, we drink it. We drink of one was Bridget. No. I was drinking a flight a flight. Sorry. I apologize. Profusely? You drinking one beer to time your drink several bridge. It was the red wine with the pinky in the air. Got it got again, just so we're clear Kayla. What do you do? So I am one of the faculty development residence at Duke. It's a two year non clinical residency where a lot of clinicians will go into go into this two year. Residency to learn how to how to teach how to fulfill the needs of faculty role.

00:15:04 - 00:20:01

Yes. Oh, a my second year with my mic co-star Bridget. If your dream will to become a professor, that's not the only rally this is pre revolutionary that. Like, I didn't know this because I'm not going to be a professor I should never be a professor which is clear there last year when we talked it was kind of just getting going. It's been going really great. And it's and it's the more I've interacted with others, especially on faculty in different programs. I found how special this program is in. So when you look for jobs in when you look for faculty jobs, a lot of them say you have to have a terminal doctorate a PHD in ED. I paid a lot of money to go to school. And I wasn't really sure I said, I'm pretty sure I wanna teach I was very passionate about being involved with students and moving our profession forward. And so I thought I have nothing to lose with this two years, and I would make the decision again in a heartbeat. It's been an incredible experience to to learn from some of the people that educated me, some new faculty that have come on the mentorship from the faculty and then being able to develop relationships with all the students. We have has been a really incredible experience. Cool. So part of this do I'm imagining your have to teach. A little bit in this. Right. That's how it works. How many how many students in the room have been in your class? Oh, good. This is going to be great ready for this. What if the students taught you? I on on on making the professor uncomfortable. Right. You welcome. I think the one thing is that they've taught me that I need to be more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Because there have been a lot of challenges that have come up that I've not expected, and I think I just I've grown a lot in being able to be uncomfortable and have difficult situations. And I think a lot of them have been very forgiving of me and how I've handled the situation. So I think that that that's one thing I've gained a little more comfort from them and been able to engage in conversations that I probably would have struggled with earlier how how long was the time between when you graduated from PT school when you started this program. I think about four years. Okay. So that's a decent amount of time to be out. But you're still kind of like, you know, what it's like to be a student, but things change, and you know, and I'm sure you're like, hey, when professors do that do you do any of those things though, I try to put myself in the shoes. And there are a lot of things that have changed. Yes. And so I try to put myself in that seat. If I were. What would I want? So one of the things that I actually did a couple of weeks ago for the midterm in my classes, we sat down for the review. And I said how many questions goes one on your exam? They tried to say zero. But I said can't be zero can be any other number than that. You know, a lot of a lot of times when your faculty role you're making all these decisions. But I think that it's also important to bring the students into guiding and directing originally. That's hardest thing to get used to. Because now you're up there with the podium, and you're like, I concurred you. Concur. Like, you're trying to be a professor like, what's what's the hardest thing then. And I think the hardest thing is kind of meeting all of the so when you have a big class in meeting the needs of all the students in the class. So I'm someone I like to talk a lot. And so I assume that other people wanna wanna talk a lot and share. And so I might shove a microphone in someone's face. And I think just recognizing like not everybody likes to be the center of attention. Not everybody even though they have the answer. Not everybody wants to speak up. So I think the hardest thing for me has just kind of been respecting how people want to experience like if they want to if they want to speak up or if they just wanna keep the answer inside. Now. Let's see if you actually did that did she do that? She's going to get there you go. What did Trump in? Well, then Chauhan's how many students in the room right now thinking about maybe potentially one day being an instructor at a p t program or PTA program school. What would you tell them to do it or don't do it? I mean, if if you if you love, your profession, and you love spending time with other people working with other people, helping others grow one hundred percent, do it. Okay. So when now let's look a future wins the program. And then what do you do then start looking for teaching jobs? I don't know how it works. Yeah. So the the program ends in December. And I have accepted a faculty position. We breaking news just said that we are just so that we are. Yes. Yeah. Bringing great where are we going to do? So I'll be going to AT still university. Right. Yeah. Cool. Do you know where you're gonna be living? Do you have a spare room? Can I come? Absolutely good. Perfect. Excellent. Are you a are you ready to play super simple trivia time? Yes. You guys ready? We go. There we go. All right here. We go. Gore. Lynn sign is the medical ability to touch the tip of the news with what other body part time. That's correct. Can you do it? Yeah. There it is. Gordon signed throw that throw that in a note and see if you're see I know what the hell are you talking about patient, exhibit, garland, positive garland, son, but his bat Cao's second question.

00:20:01 - 00:22:02

This is the result of the absence or complete absorption of visible light black Caleb. Black got that one right? You see where we're going here. Right. All right here, we go. Last question lays, diablo's blue. We're known during World War One French shoulders who were known by their distinctive flowing Cape and their jaunty beret in what color black now. Now. Did you hear it's the blue devils votes? Where you go to school. Three. Let's here for Kayla. Kayla. You ready for your parting shot, this is the parting shot? What do you want to leave with the the students and the yet? So I think one of the things that I've talked to a handful of students about recently is everyone's coming to me and saying, well, what do I need to do to get this job or get this residency? And do I need to be in this club. Join you to be in that club. Do what you feel passionate about don't sign up for something just to do it do something that you're passionate about because the only thing people are going to care about is that you have a degree in that. You're good human being. And it doesn't help to work in your interview skills to. So just do what you're passionate about. Don't do. It just do it for Caleb. Lou. All right. Our home on the internet t- podcast dot com. Created by build PT, build PD provides marketing services specifically for private practice. PT's website development and hosted inviting content marketing solutions PT clinics across the country. See goods PT can do for you today dot com. The PT pine cast is a product of PT pint cast LLC it is hosted and produced by p t podcasts EEO Jim McKay and CBO sky Donovan from Marymount university. We talk PT, drink beer and recorded. This has been another poor from the PT pint cast, the PD find Custos ten for educational purposes. Only no clinical decision making should be based solely on one source while care is taken to ensure accuracy factual errors can be present. More on the show at PT podcasts dot com.