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And we'll follow it up with two hundred years in part to just a lot of excitement. Seeing a lot of students do this and putting on their own conferences that their own program doing it all themselves so excited to see the next generation of physical, therapists, taking the pawn themselves to decide what they're learning and how they're learning it and super excited to see that they're actually choosing to learn together. So a bunch of North Carolina PT programs are represented a lot of good fun. And take a listen got some great advice for some people in our profession. First round is brought to you by Owens recovery. Science a single source for looking for certification and personalized blood flow restriction rehabilitate. Training and the equipment you need to apply. Find them online at Owens recovery. Science dot com. Let's rock and roll. Here. We go. The best conversations happen at happy hour. Welcome two hours. This is the P T typecast. Here's your host, physical therapist, Jimmy MacKay. Gentlemen. We are live at Elon university in Ilan, North Carolina. Their motto here Newman, Lumine it rhymes. It means vine light their colors, maroon and gold and their mascot is the Phoenix forever. Reborn. Wanna thank North Carolina physical Therapy Association as well their students special interest group for putting on the second. Stay conclave, Jen Beatty for being the grand poobah this shindig. Thanks, jen. Yeah. So we're graduate live show, and we've got to get our guests. So let's bring our guests out right now. Our guest lives at works at Charlotte. North Carolina got his DVD. From Winston Salem university is currently working with on college patient, endurance athletes. Ladies jets, doctor clicks Fano. Well, played on the music. Clint welcome back to the stage. Man. Oh, it's great to be here. Likes your energy for the audience. Not in the room. The kind of keynote thing here. I did I energy bringing it. That's right. Yeah. I was asked to be the keynote speaker for this wonderful event and had an awesome time delivering earlier today. All right. So for people not in the room. What were the big points? Like what what's what are you? What were you passionate enough about when asked when given a stage in front of a bunch of students and physical therapist assistant students where PTA students. And just so you guys know for in the room and not in the room. The PTA doesn't stand for physical, therapists. That's the profession and you're in it. So I'm not ignoring you. Okay. But you let me down there. First second. I'm not ignoring you in. You're almost ignoring me. Roundabout long questions when you're asked. Hey, come talk to, you know, the future of the profession would you land on a why the big thing was the professional development? How do we take students from their third year of school after their affiliations? They pass the licensing exam. How do we get them? Or how do they get into the clinicals or the into the jobs? They want to get into and close the gap between the clinical knowledge, and or the academic knowledge and the clinical practice so boil down to just a couple of brief things my goal number one was to inspire them to to to take the the control and to take the onus and the and the proactive approach to actually seek out some mentors to go through and find some niches that that are interesting to them and gather some data and then drill down on those points as their challenging as their career begins to take shape. The other big thing is I'm a big fan of lifelong learning. And so there's going to be these ups and downs. And that's cool. The goal is to gather data and. And then continued to refine that process as you move. So I was in the back of the room. And that's what I usually do before interview someone as I on purposes, try I try not to interact with them. I want this to be as the first time we've really talked as it can be the two things that struck me one. Is you brought like the perils of easily being distracted for that thing that pops up and we're doing the thing with the swiping, and the what's this was this talk about that just real briefly? So I think social media can be a really useful tool for the physical type of profession as it is for many, many businesses across the United States in the world, really the difficulty that I have a social media is it seems like when I mentor students or other fellows or the PT's.

00:05:12 - 00:10:02

It seems like we always pit it. We find that new thing on Instagram or Twitter, or whatever, and we get the voodoo bands. We get the rock blaze whatever else, and then we bring that in the next day to clinic. And that's the only thing we use for like a season. I think it's really difficult to to curate and refine your skills, if every swipe you're adding something that you're adding something new. It can be a tunnel that you just did lose yourself in. So what I liked about? That was you're not you're you're not saying don't don't look into these things. Like, there's nothing wrong with the blades of the bands or the kettlebells or anything like that. Spend some like take a breath relax on that. Or or look into it. But don't jump because it's got four hundred likes. That's right 'cause you can buy those you can drink do you? I don't in fact, if someone could help and get more likes. I would love that pine cast see how just let that in there at BT pumpkins on Twitter. But whatever, but like you said like bio means like look into these things be a lifelong learner be curious. But if you keep you're gonna you're gonna get dizzy, if you keep pivoting like you mentioned. Yeah. I think you wants to give your patients you want to be the best clinician that you can be you want to give your patients a valuable product. And there are lots of valuable pieces to the social media game. Really great information out there. And we we are lucky to have that kind of resource in this generation. I think that if you continue to add in pivot and add and shift and add and change, you're gonna make yourself dizzy as you say, and that's not a solid product into a lot of stuff real poorly. Yeah, you'll be going. Even worse. Journalists probably than you work out of school. I I do like the reason though, like I liked the reason I see a lot of people doing this because you want to help right? Like at the at the core of it. I think anyways, like the reason people like I'm gonna try this. It's a new thing number one is intriguing who doesn't wanna look like a new thing. That's about the suit. Check it out. I think I think the underlying reasoning is they they want get it. You wanna get better? But you're saying stop think resist ask and question, I had a mentor one time tell me stop adding more stuff to what you're doing and refine what you have. And I think that the social media and the evidence that gets the liberty your door as the PTA of the jam or whatever else all the stuff keeps coming in. And if we let it inundate each and every level of our practice. It becomes overwhelming. There's no possible way we could keep up with it. But if we take in absorb synthesize and then apply with Rovan to our practice. That's the piece it's got to be a, synthesis. Gotta be a homegrown kind of organic approach where you're able to borrow from different pieces instead of just being a carbon copy of every sink swipe thing if you found on which I will back students up, and I was right there. Right. I'm second career student. So I was I was actually older than every I had still, but I was like, you know, more than me. So I'm I'm the student. But so it's very hard not to do that right in that situation. And the reason I said, I was second Christians. I was a little older. In fact, I was the my CI it was still in my first empa- impulse. You. I want to impress his person. I want them to give me a good CPI. Which is also like the worst our of your of your life. Does it only take an hour or whatever, I don't know. Dear God I blocked for about for about twenty minutes. But, but my my my reason for bringing that up is keep that in mind while you're doing it like why are you doing it is it to impress the person in front of you, which is natural, by the way and normal. And maybe you've got to do it because maybe that's person's livelihood in. That's their business, but file it away because you're going to be on your license treating your patients. Would you do it that way if someone's telling you to do it that way in their clinic, you do it that way? But later on do your way, I often say I like, my licensed too much to lose it. You know, like I try to make the decisions that I can defend if they are called into question in court, litigation or or whatever. So I don't wanna do something foolish with certain intervention or whatever. Just because somebody says I like, my license too much to lose it. Yeah. I need like a button or bumper. Stick something slashing thinking, maybe. That's right. All right. So the second thing I really wanted to get into because we're we're going to by the way, build the stage. We're gonna bring up three more guests, and at the end, we're gonna flip it back to you guys. Let you guys ask questions so on college, and in athletes love the fact that you're treating both of those talk about where you see those similarities and differences. So what's pretty dope about our new clinic? Set is dope. You're going to edit that outright totally. So what's really cool about our our with the startup clinic in Charlotte called fightback, performance and recovery. So my my boss, and one of the founders is a endurance athlete specialists running specialist. She's also one of these smartest physios I've ever met. She's wildly smart. She's great at her job. She has a huge following. So she started her own clinic. So we're we're we're serving the outpatient orthopedic population. We're serving the sports performance. We have a PT on on staff, that's an SEC.

00:10:02 - 00:15:01

So he takes care of a lot of that sports performance in sports certification specialty stuff, which is pretty cool. I'm like the resident chronic pain spine guy. But then the on college piece is super clutch because what to the unconscious do they they their job is to control the cancer to get rid of it or to cut it out at a treat it with chemo radiation. But then after the the cancer is done or gone. They kind of wipe their hands of the patient. And then it's like cool now, you know back to life and that pay. Oftentimes, totally fatigued, reduce quality of life increased depression, because of what cancer and chemotherapy and radiation has taken from. And maybe they're gonna point to where they're they're all those things. And if they haven't been told that they can should need jams be more active. Yeah. They're probably just the grateful to be alive became for cancer free. We need to be right there as soon as they walk out there and move them forward. That's right. So that's our job with fightback is to close that gap for it's like the theme of the day, I suppose for me, but to to bridge the gap between like them beating cancer, and then assimilating back into whatever their prior level of function was so one of the pilot programs. We're working on right now is with euro genital oncologists with a prostate cancer group. So those guys they're on prolonged, basically, they've been prolonged androgen deprivation therapy. Meaning that they don't have any SaaS or any more. It's like chemical medical castration, these guys exhibit proximal chain, muscle weakness. And that if you have a fall or an. Injury. And you fracture, your hip or whatever then you end up in a sniff, and then really the mortality rates skyrocket. So our job is to take these guys who've who've had this massive change over sometimes twenty twenty five years, get them to a point where they're at least maximally safe. That's a love to hear that. If someone wanted to before I forget for the audience in the room in a home. If someone reach out more about U clinic what's easy way to find you reach out. So the best way I'm on Instagram and Twitter as Dr Serafino DR Serafino S E R, A, F E, mail wise. It could be Clint at fightback PR dot com or it could be Dr Clint physio at the g mail cool. Are you ready to play a game? I the PT pine cows support the show by telling a friend or by leaving review on nineteen or Google play. All right. It's time for supers- simple trivia time. All right clint's. Are you ready? I am absolutely. First question. Clint Serafina what famous actor played dirty, Harry and said, go ahead. Make my day. Clint eastwood. You want an award for Albert Schweitzer fellowship famous Albert said energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared which famous Albert was that who is I'm Stein. And you final question this famous children's book. Character is a spider who befriends a pig Wilbur and saves him from being made into bacon that'll be Charlotte Charlotte from Charlotte. All right. So last thing we do with each guest is called your parting shot. Are you ready for your parting shot shorts like your mic drop moment? The last thing you want the audience to hear before they either delete my podcasts forever or they leave the room. I think it's super critical to achieve the things that you want to achieve and I think that requires you understanding what your purpose, and what's your? Why is if you don't have a goal to shoot for if that's not a clear vision that you have spent some time cultivating that vision, and I think that will shape where you go in the future much like your story, right? Once the rock jocks stuff petered out we had to re- refocus the efforts into the PT world that maybe a lot of us in this room a lot of pint gas where we're we're driving towards this one thing that may fizzle out. But does our vision still permit us to have happiness in a different focus, and I'll say, our profession so wide you could you could you could pivot and change and find something instill be physical therapist, physical therapist assistant. And do it's here for. Thank you. Good time to grab a freshman. The T podcast. We'll be right back. Joe's brought to you by Arias medical staffing, single source for PT's. Wanna do what you wanna do which is a physical therapist where you want to do it? They've got positions anywhere in the US. All fifty states. Yeah. We get asked this allot Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado. You wanna do some mountains you like rivers lakes ocean? They got you covered a U R E US medical dot com. It's very simple to explain what they do. It's why I love working with them. They find jobs doing what they wanna do where they want to do it. You put yourself through school. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears now, you decide where you work are ES has you covered a U R E US, medical dot com. So no obligation. Just check them out and see what they have to offer.

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They've been doing this for a couple of decades, a U R, E US, medical dot com. Support the shell by telling a friend horror by leaving our? View on. He voice, boss sports. Physical therapy. Resident at Columbus, Ohio, the Ohio State University western medical center, but. This favorite team is. It's year for Justice gal. Justin. It's a lot of people dancing with you. And a lot of dirty looks from the rest of the room. You know, it happens on the New York can be perfect. I'm a New Yorker. So I don't one hundred percent gannet. But I'm getting I'm guessing this is like a Yankees Red Sox thing. So that was a that's a Duke song. Guess we play the casket. Yes. That is have you ever been to a game? I haven't been to a game Cal Covington if you're listening. I would love some tickets. He's not in the room, but we can turn this up real loud. You can hear us down the hallway out there. I will trade whatever I've gotten the show for some tickets in the future. But so that's the salt was interesting or that is right before the national anthem before the national in every game. And you have the particular outfit that you wear. Yes. When you're a games, please describe that for the podcast audience. So the shirt will always rotate it's always a Duke bay shirt where jersey, but but I will always have my Duke blue wig on and shades. You then I yes that is me. I am that guy. Well, how do you get tickets camping gear? Yes. All right. I'll do it. I'm dead serious. I would I would do that thirty six hours in a parking lot. Whatever I'll do it over a weekend. It's a lot of fun actually are there. There's never alcohol, right? Never never never ever imagined that so so again audience is students the generation treat them. Well. And let them lead the way you wanna talk about going outside of your comfort zone to to grow personally, professionally and kind of the theme of what Clinton's you're talking about many. When I say that. So for me, I'm not from North Carolina, originally, I'm from sunny, southern California. I decided and saw in myself as I was finishing up undergrad. I'm like man, I feel like I'm stuck in a rut, and I'm not really getting anything out of the experiences, and the the work life that I had and going into school. I said, hey, you know, what I really want to be challenged a little bit more. So I decided to completely leave and move across the US challenge myself. Luckily, Duke was maybe smart enough. I don't know to accept me and came to North Carolina and. I think it was the absolute best thing I could have ever done for myself. I love hearing the themes right like we did not didn't coordinate this. They pick their topics ahead of time a couple of bullets but separately and a love how these things and you'll start to see this longer in your career. And the more interviews that I do there. There are themes that come back on. And this is one of them making an impact as a PT in a bunch of different ways top talk about that. Because I know these students want they want to leave here with some some things they can put into play like, you guys are impatient. But you want to do it. Right. And I'd love I love the energy with students. So even as I was getting ready to graduate from school now and matriculate into the clinical world as as a forty hour week clinician. I looked at myself. And I said, hey, is this how I feel I can make the best impacts knowing what my interests are what my skills and what I can bring to the table. And as some of the previous panel was talking about with the people that are more geared Ford research or different things. I kind. Fought with that. And I said, well, no, no, no, no, no. I just went to PT school to become a clinician. That's how you help people as a P T. Is you treat patients in? That's all you do. Well, I was actually listening to PT pint cast in Columbus, Ohio. You came h I was sitting I was sitting in the audience that day, and you were talking to Susan appaling who's on the board of directors for AP TA, and that exact issue came up where she said very eloquently in her accent. You can make an impact as a PT in a variety of ways. Whether you're a clinician, a researcher, a professor, and advocate, whatever the case may be and that just blew my mind, and it gave me validation because I want to try to translate translate into a PHD program after I'm finished with residency and all these different things. And so that gave me the validation that I needed to be comfortable with making that impact. And it goes back to what Clinton was saying. With your know your why why are you doing this? Why are you in school? Why do you want to work with patients? Well that can evolve over time, and it will one hundred percent will just this past Wednesday at Ohio State as part of our residency. They do a leadership. Manar and one of the former directors of the manual therapy fellowship came and said, not two years prior. He was struggling with figuring out.

00:20:00 - 00:23:41

What his why was I'm like, wait. What you just assume? People in pig that like have all their stuff together. And they just know, but that's not the case. And so if you're sitting in this seat, and your thing, I have an idea. I think I like this. I don't know. But I don't know. What my why is great? That is awesome. You will figure it out that is completely. Okay. And use whatever your next experiences. Whether it's clinical or your first job or you want to travel abroad, and and go on some type of self discovery and just experiences. That's awesome. Do it. If you think that's what's going to help you find your Y. Absolutely go for it. Play a game. Let's do it. Ladies and gentlemen. Just an are you ready for this or that? Let's do it. Okay. So here's your question this or that, which you rather give up your pet or give up your computer, computer, hands down, late gentleman, the audience, computer. Seventy four percent of users online said give up your pact. They're wrong. I was dumbfounded by that answer somebody game. That's us. Obsession question. Second question. Would you rather lead a boring life from here on out or be reborn with all of your memories as a baby of the opposite gender? Yeah. You thought the hard questions where earlier what was it boring? Be believable worrying life year now or in life. You agree. No. That's incorrect. Seventy eight percent of user says they would be reborn as some of the opposite gender over to. We'll see if we could redeem ourselves the last question, would you rather eat twenty-five toenails or snort one tablespoon of cinnamon? Cinnamon would make for a better you to city cinnamon is making. That is correct. Seventy one percents for Justice. This is the parting shots reporting shot is brought to you by rock Tate. They're more than just a tape company. There are movement company. Rock tape helps athletes of every level go stronger longer with the best kinesiology tape, cutting education and fitness support products. Rock tape wants people to move more and move better. Find them online at rock tape dot com slash medical. All right, all the guests. Parting shot last words, what are you gonna leave with everybody? I would say never stop seeking out challenges. Never stop trying to grow. Always always go for whatever you want to try to get out of wherever you are. Whatever your experiences just go for what's here for Justin lettuce, gentlemen. It's the P T podcast. Our home on the internet cast dot com. Created by build PT, build PD provides marketing services specifically for private practice. PT's website development and hosted involved in content marketing solutions PT clinics across the country. See what goods PT can do for you today? Build PT dot com. The PT pike cast is a product of p t pint cast LLC it is hosted and produced by p t podcasts EEO Jim McKay and CBO sky Donovan from Marymount university. We talked PT drink beer and recorded. This has been another poor from the PT pint cast, the PD casts in ten for educational purposes. Only no clinical decision making should be based solely on one source while care is taken to ensure accuracy factual errors can be present. More on the show at PT podcasts dot com.