I want to thank the state of North Carolina for inviting us to their student conclave the nice gathering of students at Elon university this past weekend full day of conference program actually organized by the students themselves. We got to town before had ourselves a PT pub night decided to bring the microphone to the bar. And we asked students from schools all across North Carolina. The same three questions to get some insight into what students are thinking before they go on a clinical Felicien three questions were what’s one thing. They’re going to do to prepare for clinical affiliation. What’s one thing that they’re really really looking forward to and one thing that they’re really scared about goal is to get some students inside about each other. And maybe some CI’s out there to learn what’s going on inside the head of those students before they get to clinic. The first round is brought to you by Owens recovery. Science a single source for PT looking for certification in personalized blood flow, restriction, rehabilitation training and the equipment. You need. Need to apply. Find them online at Owens recovery. Science dot com and find Johnny and his team around the world teaching this. Broadcasting physical therapists around the world is this is the PT pine cast. May I introduce you? Here’s your host, physical therapist, Jimmy MacKay. Night at the North Carolina student conclave, we are in Elon North Carolina just damage free for Milan university at the PTO PubMed the night before the conclave start students rolling in right now as you can tell in the background lot of lot of pints and a lot of conversations about PT and the stuff they love and hate about PT school and one of those things that comes up doing your clinical billion. So we’re gonna ask the same three questions to all the students tonight. What are you most looking forward to what are you most afraid of and how will you prepare for your clinical Viliame the goal being students will learn from each other. Maybe some CI’s will learn about some insight in terms of what students are thinking before they come to them and clinic so four hundred affiliation. What’s the most important thing that you’ll do to prepare yourself on whatever you’re about to go into like Ortho? I try to rush up on my skills. No your limits. I don’t know what I don’t know. I don’t know what I don’t know. Look it up if it’s. Easy figure it out. It is not easy. Ask for your CI practice. How I wanna talk to. I think the most important thing is connecting with the patient like one on one and knowing them more than their prognosis in her diagnosis. I wouldn’t know who they are. And I wanna remember that forever. Well of that people I in communication, which is close to my heart that not only shadow a person that you respect their mindset about how to treat patients, and then try to form how you’re going to interact and actually set up a plan before you go is the most important thing, I do is review topics and interact with my patients so kind of being able to get permanent full tank instead of an empty tank. But we’ll take it practice with some classmates and just get more comfortable comparable with being hands on you have to be a PT. If you’re not in the wrong profession, I think it would be to get used to whatever patient population. That affiliation. Sees you. Gotta know the population before you get there. You’re also just not knowing what you’re doing and getting in there and thinking, you’re CIA is gonna want you to do something that you can’t do and you’re gonna feel bad about it. They won’t do that. I promise. No. They won’t. No, not at all like looking over old notes and stuff like that, maybe reaching out to professors and things things like that. Just kind of getting a feel for how environments going look practice. My manual therapy on my classmates, so after class on the weekends. We go in hang out in the classroom, and we practice on each other different techniques different their prescriptions that getting out of the book into actually touching people. Yeah. Somewhere like reliable just make little scenarios and say, I my knee hurts I can’t do this this. And this helped me out I’m gonna practice with my classmates smart real world. Just practice. What you preach. You know, you have to be able to do what you’re going to tell other people to do this nothing else to relax. And I know you want honest answers. I want understanding, relax. I mean because the biggest thing is going in full time forty hours a week all into every single patient that walks through that door. So yeah, definitely realized get this reset, you know, de-stress I usually go over kind of how to do an assessment and what to look for in different patient populations. Based on what area I’m going into. So I’m prepared for that seven very important thing that I wanna do is try to make sure I kind of know my stuff, you know. I don’t wanna walk it in look like an idiot. So that’s hopeful to try to review a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. Reviews talking with professors getting eighty of what to expect in clinic. And then I’m going into spinal cord injury for my first one so reviewing some information on that thanks to prepare do abroad looking over my NPT’s study like flip through like crazy all the pages kinda see like what of this.

05:01 – 10:12

Do. I not remember. And then sit and go through it honestly to set some goals. Like what I wanna learn while. I’m there. It’s honestly one of the biggest thing European student. If you don’t have goals, how do you know, if you that’s a brilliant answer? No one is said that yet. That’s smart as entering for Tovar. Ryan get my sleep schedule where he anted. Well, that way I can make it to work throughout the day. Smart. Gotta be awake. The ones the patients. Well, they don’t like what you take naps familiarized myself with a clinical population that I’m gonna be treating and find out if there’s any specific tools or quick -ment clinical uses. This is the P T podcast love the answer. So far, right. Yeah. Getting inside the minds of some students and getting some insight. I do want to thank our friends from FOX rehabilitation. They they sponsored the the apps at the pump night. You wanna get students to stop and talk to your for sixty seconds. Get some food in front of him. Fox rehabilitation a leader in geriatric, physical therapy. Looking for clinicians right now in seventeen different states. If you like working with older adults of physical therapy. Passed checkout, FOX rehab dot org. And find out if you are fit for FOX, let’s get back to the questions. What do you most freight? What’s like, the one thought in your mind that comes up? You’re like, oh, this is driving me. Like, I’m so nervous about this. What is that? I won’t like this setting that I’m in never know you’ll like not be as well prepared as I should be just because I don’t really know exactly what level of nickel experience I’m going to need once I get there. But lead doing something like mess up or like Ashton said her to patient something stupid driving. Now, Trump the people driving a patient. That’s. The people people because you know, that that’s that’s a red flag AC on the CPI. So it’s hard to come back from. Oops, don’t cover. Exact. So what’s one thing that you’re actually scared about I don’t want people to fall? That’s always scary. Don’t drop the people the whole new environment meeting new CI and trying to get into fear. New CI can be pretty intimidating and the our Mars little scary trying to adjust to that. Yeah. Just not nine what the expectations are clinical. It a call. I think the thing that scares me. The most is when I get a patient, and it’s something that, you know, in like textbook, and you got to think a little bit more. And then if you don’t know it immediately, I can get to it. But sometimes we don’t know immediately. You’re like oh, gosh show what to hurting. Someone don’t hurt people. I don’t want to hurt. Anyone? I do the patients not gonna trust me. Like they come in with apprehensions. They’re gonna get better. They’re not gonna like what I’m doing. They’re not gonna they’re gonna think I’m making them worse in his I want them to trust me. And that’s my biggest fear is that they’re going to be like, you don’t know what you’re talking about not doing a good job or not. Like finding connections with patients, I think that’s really important to have an effective practice. What’s the thing? That scares you the most able help anybody if I’m not able to help them not able to figure it out that’d be bad day. He afraid to just not knowing what you’re doing and getting in there and thinking, you’re CIA is gonna watch something that you can’t do and you’re going to feel bad about it. They won’t do that. I you. No, they won’t know afraid, but just kind of wanting to know what kind of setting I’ll be in in the people, I’m working with like, I want to be in a culture, that’s receptive to ideas that I might have that they might not already be doing too big one. Right. Knowing who you’re working with. I mean, it’s it’s hard to know who you’re gonna work with. But I feel like I can add up pretty quickly to situations that I’m in. So I’m just looking forward to meeting new people and starting to work in close to be competent, you know, being able to get the best outcome for a patient. There’s nothing more than getting other people to progress. That’s why started I just want people to progress. I wanna watch them progress. Then that tells me I need to be better myself. I’m most afraid of going to clinic that. Doesn’t have the same idea about exercise prescription. Every like we’re not on the same page for our treatment loss of these. And I don’t really wanna get shut down. I wanna learn from them. But I definitely don’t want to be shut down with mice. Yeah. Well, not having the answers, obviously, really bad at saying. I don’t know. It’s a hard thing to say, I guess maybe just being totally unprepared or something like that. Like, not really knowing what’s going to happen. The unknown. Honestly, scary take not having enough confidence in myself. You gotta be confident. You gotta go out there and have confidence in your skills because you know, you know, what? Oh, you got all lot. You know, a lot there you need to be able to show that you can’t you have faith in yourself. I looked at the confidence. This is this is the P T tasked. Good answer. So far, right. Yeah. We got one of the questions left at all the responses from the students in North Carolina. Do wanna say thank you to my friends at Arias medical staffing was talking to some students about this weekend. If you’re looking and thinking about travel PT when you graduate. It’s pretty cool. Do what you wanna do where you want to do it in a lot of times students get told well, you shouldn’t do it right out of school because of the lack of mentor ship in connection will RS has a program just for that set up a mentor program for you.

10:12 – 14:37

So you’re not lost what they did their loss travel PT. Yeah. They thought about it. So check them out online positions in all fifty states in all settings and that mentor ship aspect AU are US medical dot com. That’s eight you are E U S medical dot com. Leaders in travel PT. Further. Let’s get back to the last answer this this happy one. What are you most looking forward to what pumps you up about? Like, hey now, I get to do this. What do you extend about? It’s all about the patient. That’s all it is man. It’s not about me. I just wanna I wanna make people get better. I just want to help people move better. I want people to know that what PT’s can do. I wanna move this profession. Just being in clinic and getting out of the classroom because I really wanna start interacting with patients and apply. The things that I’ve been learning over the past two you wanna do things. Now, I want to do all the things to all the PT things when you make a difference in someone’s life, and they get better, and you see that their quality of life changes. I think that’s probably the most rewarding thing the opportunity to build a relationship. We’ll condition the area and kind of have somebody to bounce ideas off and take what I’ve been learning in the classroom really put it to use different populations time athletic trainer athlete. So I’m excited to experience new things just getting created. But patients, I think that’s the best part about clinical is like your see is there is back up, but you can just get creative and put your mind to the test getting back into the clinic. And like actually being able to put hands on a patient set of standing there watching the whole time. I’m most pumped to meet a diverse amount of people. I just wanna meet everyone. I wanna learn from people I want to I want to go out there. I just want to learn I just wanna learn. Everything that the PC world has to offer me. I love meeting people in help seeing them get better until they can do things that they weren’t able to before. And then make really cool relations people. It’s also you picked a pretty good profession them AMAN, kids know, my c-, just the patient population. Young. That’s the biggest thing experience gone so far as all curricular base. It’s like all theoretical this point. And again, there you you’re getting down dirty in the people the people that’s hopeful. If I get to meet real patients and be able to learn further from like every patient, I have so that I can understand clinical populations in like neuro and Ortho that’s different than in the room really building relationships with patients finally getting out of the textbooks and getting to put my knowledge to good use just going out there learning not having study all the time the study while I’m like while I’m working the best part is learning on the job. And having to study every night. I love meeting people and help seeing them get better. So they can do things that they weren’t able to before. And then make it really cool relations with people. It’s also so just finding out what do patients have what I can do to help them getting to actually work with people again and not being almost working forward to working with some adapted athletes. I’m going to start rehab in Michigan in July. And that’s going to be a lot of fun that that’s fantastic. That’s it. We’re done. PT typecast is a product of p t podcast LLC. It is hosted and produced by PT podcast C E CEO, Jim McKay and CBO sky Donovan from Marymount university. We talked PT drink beer and recorded. This has been another poor from the PT pine cast PD intended for educational purposes only no clinical decision making should be based solely on one source care is taken to ensure accuracy factual errors can be present. More on the show at PT podcasts dot com. Brooks rehabilitation there institute of higher learning for sponsoring the show. Residency and fellowship opportunities is what they offer check him out a Brooks H L dot org, also hosting their fourth annual scholarly symposia. Jim that’s going on June twenty second in Jacksonville, Florida information about the symposium can be found at Brooks H, L dot org. Keynote presentation this year by the editor of p t j Alan jetty. I’ll be on hand doing some talks and some live podcasting looking for C E U’s into expand your knowledge base. Look, no further than Brooks H, L dot org. Our home on the internet cast dot com. Created by build PT, build PT provides marketing services specifically for private practice. PT’s website development and host evolving content marketing solutions PT clinics across the country. See what good PT can do for you today. Build PT dot com.